Soil erosion can be a serious natural problem, resulting serious damages to water sources, wildlife, and open landscape. Erosion is the result of several processes and can be divided into three phases, such as loosening of particles, soil transport and sedimentation.

E-Coir line of 100% biodegradable coir fiber products includes short term and long-term erosion control Geotextiles, as well as turf reinforcement mats. Geotextile products offer the following benefits and features to solve the natural problems in a natural way:

Features & Benefits

Prevention of soil loss due to water and wind

Elimination of sediment run-off to dry areas and water areas

Protect the land surface from water and wind

Protect seeds, keep the seeds in place and help seed germination

Provide optimum conditions for the establishment of vegetation


100% natural and biodegradable

Geotextiles have high tensile strength

Water absorbent and moisture retention

Higher resistance to UV light

Establish vegetation through the Geotextile

Excellent durability and flexibility

Longevity of 2-6 years

Alternative to expensive synthetic photodegradable mats

Blends with nature and degrades completely

Easy to handle and install

Geotextile products can be used in

Stream/riverbank protection

Shoreline protection

Slope stabilization

Greening forestry re-vegetation projects

Shaded areas

Mine site reclamation

Channel re-vegetation

Environmentally and aesthetically pleasing

Traps sediment and builds deposits

Highway and rail embankment


Coastal erosion control

High altitude planting


All other bioengineering applications

Properties of E-Coir Geotextile

Physical Properties Chemical properties
Diameter/width in microns 18 Water soluble level 5.86
Single fibre   Hemi-cellulose 0.28%
a) length in Inches 4-6 Pectin and related compounds 3.9
b) Density(gm/cc) 1.7    
c) Tenacity(g/tex) 12 Lignin 44.23%
Swelling in water(diameter) 7% Cellulose 42.17%
Breaking elongation % 32% Ash 2.02%
Moisture regained at 65% RH% 11.25%    

Product Information

Geotextile is a 100% neutral material; it is biodegradable and improves the fertility of soil.

Bristle coir blankets are woven with hand spun or machine spun coir yarns.

It controls soil and wind erosion and helps with supporting growth, development of vegetation and reinforcement of the soil.

Complete degradation of the E-coir geotextile takes place in 4-6 years.

They can dissipate the energy of flowing water and absorb the excess solar radiation.

E-coir geotextile can be used either as an overlay or an interlay – the former protecting the surface from run-off and the latter performing the functions of separation, filtration, and drainage.

E-Coir Geotextile 400

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Weight 12.3 oz/yd2 400 g/m2
Eye Size 0.7” x 0.7” 1.8 cm x 1.8 cm
Open Area 65% 65%
Length Up to 165’ Up to 50 Meters
Width Up to 6.6’ Up to 2 Meters
Recommended Slope 2:1 2:1

E-Coir Geotextile 700

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Weight 20 oz/ yd2 700 g/m2
Eye Size 0.4” x 0.4” 1 cm x 1 cm
Open Area 48% 48%
Length Up to 165’ Up to 50 Meters
Width Up to 6.6’ Up to 2 Meters
Recommended Slope >1:1 >1:1

E-Coir Geotextile 900

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Weight 26.4 oz/ yd2 900 g/m2
Eye Size 0.3” x 0.3” 8 mm x 8mm
Open Area 38% 38%
Length Up to 165’ Up to 50 Meters
Width Up to 6.6’ Up to 2 Meters
Recommended Slope >1:1 >1:1

Other custom Geotextile sizes are available upon request.