Wetland restoration is an essential task to protect, improve and increase our natural wetlands. Wetlands that have been filled and drained retain their characteristic soil and hydrology, allowing their natural functions to be reclaimed. Restoration is a complex process that requires lengthy planning, careful implementation, proper monitoring, and total management. It involves renewing natural and historical wetlands that have been lost, or degraded, and reclaiming their functions and values as vital ecosystems. Restoring our lost and degraded wetlands to their natural state is essential to ensure the health of earth’swatershed.

E-Coir Wetland Restoration Products

E-Coir Green Log

E-Coir Green Log is made from machine-spun coir twine stuffed under pressure with mattress grade coir fiber to specified density. High density E-Coir Green Log has excellent structural stability and it also resists the force of the water flow while establishing natural vegetation. These logs can be used in low gradient areas in stream, lake, shoreline protection and slope stabilizations. It helps to dissipate the impact of flowing water and stop sediment. E-Coir Green Log fosters plant growth among the coir fiber and eventually decays, while becoming a natural part of the bio-engineered site over 5 or more years. It also provides aesthetic value to the surrounding environment.

The root system created by the vegetation within the riparian buffer prevents future erosion in the wetland areas due to high water flows.

E-Coir Green Logs can be supplied as a circular coir log or square log. In addition, our E-Coir Green Logs are available in planting holes and impregnated with coconut shell activated carbon.

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Diameter 9”, 12”, 16”, 20” 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm
Length 10’, 20’ 3.05 m – 6.1 m
Weight 7 lbs – 20 lbs 10 kg – 30 kg
Slope Gradient >1:3:5 >1:3:5
Coir Netting Square or Diamond coir twine Square or Diamond coir twine

E-Coir Wattle

E-Coir Wattles are made from coir mat liner and inside the tubes are filled with baby coir fibers and mattress coir fibers. Coir fiber is uniformly packed into a high strength coir twine netting to hold the coir mat liner.

E-Coir Wattle effectively traps sediment and improves water quality. The wattles filter overland waterflow, trapping and holding sediment on the bank that would otherwise end up in the water or in the dry areas below. E-Coir Wattles are the best alternative to temporary sediment control products such as straw wattles or hay bales.

E-Coir Wattles work well, when sitting directly in water and out of water, on slopes and can hold the site stable for 4-6 years. This gives sprouting seeds ample time to develop an intricate root system that will continue the task of stabilization after the wattles have decomposed. The lightly packed coir fiber allows cleaner water to pass through the E-Coir Wattle leaving sediment behind.

Practical Application of E-Coir Wattle

Bioengineering projects

Stream bank restoration and re-vegetation

Storm water run-off control

Harvest erosion control

Forest fire rehabilitation

Mine and land reclamation

Vineyard sediment protection

Ski slopes

New Sub-Division constructions

Highway constructions

Commercial constructions

Coastal shoreline stabilization

Eco wattle properties

Strong and durable

100% biodegradable

Trap sediment efficiently

Improve the water quality

Easy to carry and install

Re English Unitsble, if necessary

Flexible and easy to store

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Diameter 6”, 9”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 20” 10 cm – 60 cm
Length 8’, 10’, 20’ 1 m - 6 m
Weight 0.65 lbs/ft – 10 lbs/ft 1 kg/m – 15 kg/m
Coir Netting Square or Diamond Net Square or Diamond Net

E-Coir Geotextile 400

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Weight 12.3 oz/yd2 400 g/m2
Eye Size 0.7” x 0.7” 1.8 cm x 1.8 cm
Open Area 65% 65%
Length Up to 165’ Up to 50 Meters
Width Up to 6.6’ Up to 2 Meters
Recommended Slope 2:1 2:1

E-Coir Geotextile 700

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Weight 20 oz/ yd2 700 g/m2
Eye Size 0.4” x 0.4” 1 cm x 1 cm
Open Area 48% 48%
Length Up to 165’ Up to 50 Meters
Width Up to 6.6’ Up to 2 Meters
Recommended Slope >1:1 >1:1

E-Coir Geotextile 900

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Weight 26.4 oz/ yd2 900 g/m2
Eye Size 0.3” x 0.3” 8 mm x 8mm
Open Area 38% 38%
Length Up to 165’ Up to 50 Meters
Width Up to 6.6’ Up to 2 Meters
Recommended Slope >1:1 >1:1

Other custom Geotextile sizes are available upon request.

E-Coir Green Fibermat

E-Coir Green Fibermat is a uniformly needle-punched coir matrix bonded with or without a natural latex binder. It is a 100% natural and biodegradable product with life span of 2-3 years. It can be used for rapid re-vegetation of disturbed wetland sites or prairies and helps to recover and restore marshlands.

Eco Green Fibermat has high moisture retention and sediment trapping capabilities. After seeding the E-Coir Green Fibermat and within a two to six weeks period, vegetated and fully rooted green fiber mats are ready to install.

E-Coir Green Fibermat also can be used a soil less medium to grow vegetation in roofs and straight walls. Living roofs and green roofs with E-Coir Green Fibermat provides insulation, reduces water runoff, reducesnoise, and integrates living vegetation with an inanimate structure.

E-Coir Green Fibermat Applications

Roof Gardening

Wetland restorations

Prairie restorations

Construction Sites

Shoreline stabilization

Steep slope re-vegetation

Product specifications

  English Units Matrix Units
Width 3.3” 1 m
Length 12.87’ 3.9 m
Thickness 2” 5 cm